Saturday, August 25, 2012

Calm be fore the storm!

Hi there,

How do I put this together?
Today was the final day before the Louisville Ironman.   My race bib number is 1665 and you can check my progress Sunday, all day, online here by entering the bib number.  Today was all about preparation.  Nutrition, packing race bags, putting the bike together, testing the ride, dropping off bags and the bike at the race transition area in the 'Great Lawn'.  I did far too much walking back and forth between areas today.  I think I probably walked 7 miles today.  I did find a few minutes to take a break, catch a quick nap, and catch up with my wife Dawn and my coach Shelia.  They gave me good advice.

My race day volunteer helper
I'll say at this point I've eaten and carbo-loaded as much as a I can and I'm all fueled up and ready to go!  I need to get a good night's sleep tonight.  Tonight I'll go over my race plan a time or two more, take in a couple minutes of TV, and then it's lights out!  Tomorrow get up for breakfast at 4:30EDT (That's 2:30MDT... and I haven't adjusted so that's going to totally be waking up in the middle of the night).

My destination... Louisville Ironman finish line
Thanks to all those that are following and know that I'm thinking of you!  I'm looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow and sharing great news!


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